Charities at St Bede's

As a living, active and willing Church School, charity lies at the core of our moral code at St Bede's. We know that helping others is part of the life and convictions of every Christian - and it is no accident that this spirit of human empathy runs through the best parts of various world religions.

October 2023

Last year, students from St Bede's collected nearly 200 toys and games for one of the local foodbanks at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Arbury. We received the following letter of thanks from the church:

"Thanks to the great generosity of pupils, parents and staff at your school, we have been able to distribute gifts to dozens of children who would otherwise have gone without this Christmas. One single parent told me "I have told my children they just can't have anything this year. Now they will have something to open on Christmas. This is so kind." Another mother clapped her hands with joy as she chose a toy doll for her daughter. The week before her daughter had been looking longingly at the doll in the supermarket, but the family would never have been able to afford to buy it for her themselves."

Such was the success, our students of our charities group are keen to collect for this cause again. letter will soon be sent out to all of our parents and carers asking once again to give generously, where we can.