GCSE Seating Plan Templates

How to find your seat in a GCSE exam

In the weeks leading up to the start of your GCSEs, you will receive your exam timetable. In addition to the specific exams you are entered for and the dates/times of those exams, your timetable will also include the room your exam will take place, and your seat within that room.

An example of an exam timetable has been included below, with the room and seat number highlighted (in yellow):


In the 2 examples above, you can see that both exams take place in the sports hall, in seats E2 and B7.

This means you can find the seats from the seating plan templates below (that will exactly match the plan in the GCSEs). The seats have been highlighted in the sports hall plan (also yellow).

The columns are arranged by letters (from A to R in the sports hall), and the rows are arranged by number (1-9 in the sports hall).

For seat B7, for example, you first find column B, then move down to row 7.

The same process can be used for the other templates provided (sports hall classroom, and media room, below).

Check, check, check!

As soon as you receive your exam timetable, you should check the following:

  • Is your date of birth and full, legal name presented correctly?
  • Are you entered into the correct exams and units (check the Board and Element Title on the exam timetable, especially, as shown above)?
  • Are you seated where you would expect to be?

If you notice an error in any of the above, contact the school Exam Officer, immediately, either by contacting exams@stbedes.cambs.sch.uk, or by going to main reception and asking for Mrs Smart.


On the morning of your exams

On the morning of your exams, large paper copies of all seating plans will also be made available in the following locations:

  • The dining area exit (towards the sports hall)
  • The main entrance to the sports hall (glass double doors)
  • The door to the sports hall exam room, itself



Checking your seating the night before, and when you arrive into school is an easy way of helping to relieve some stress - one less thing to think about!