Academic Reviews

At St Bede's, we value the opportunity to meet with our students for a focused academic review, once every year, throughout their time with us. Typically, students will meet with their form tutor.

During the meeting, we focus on a metacognitive approach. We ask students to focus on how they learn, and why progress may be better in some subjects, compared to others.

We feel that academic reviews are an integral cog in allowing all students at St Bede's to become more effective, reflective learners, and we invest time in order to protect it.

Following the meeting, the student and staff member will agree meaningful, SMART targets, based on the 5 key attributes that we recognise in truly effective learners:

caring, curious, confidentresourceful, resilient

You can see when academic reviews take place, by viewing our calendar.

We find that academic reviews are always more effective if they are followed up with a conversation about what was learnt, at home​.

Should you require any further information about our academic reviews, please contact our office: