The Chaplaincy seeks to be a resource centre to enable the Christian faith to find expression in all areas of school life.

The Chaplain (Revd Dr Clarke), Chaplaincy Support (Mr Allen) and other staff members lead acts of worship, assemblies, lunchtime clubs and offer pastoral care.

Each tutor group nominates two Chaplaincy Reps who work closely with the Chaplain both to participate in worship and also to grow in faith and discipleship through activities such as praying the labyrinth, godly play, exploring the sacrament of reconciliation, sacred art, contemplative prayer and other activities.

Anglican Confirmation preparation is offered every other year, leading to a Confirmation service in Ely Cathedral in the early summer.  The Chaplaincy aims to organise an annual Reflection Day for each year group which may involve an external visit such as to Ely Cathedral or a Church Trail around Cambridge, or may involve outside speakers providing workshops in school such as the Science and Religion Day for Year 11s offered by the Faraday Institute.

We are usually able to take a small group of students to the Cathedral of St John the Baptist in Norwich for the Schools' Mass offered to Roman Catholic schools in September.  When possible, the Chaplaincy organises a residential pilgrimage to the North-East of England for our Year 7 students, known as the 'Bede Trail'. This pilgrimage enables us to learn more about our patron saint and celebrate the end of the first year together at St Bede's School.

The Chaplaincy Team works closely with the wider Pastoral Team to provide excellent pastoral care to students and staff, ranging from a listening ear to substantial therapeutic interventions from specialist providers.

The Gospel imperative to see Christ in others and to be Christ to others underpins our pastoral and safeguarding practices.