St Bede's operates a cashless system for students buying food and drink at school.  Students access their canteen accounts via fingerprint recognition at the tills.  Accounts can be checked and topped up by parents/carers using their WisePay account. To access WisePay, please click on the following LINK, or use the app.

Students can spend up to £5.00 per day on canteen food. Most students opt to use the canteen at break and lunchtime so ensuring students are left with funds for the main meal at lunchtime is the best way forward!

If you would like to increase or decrease the amount your child can spend please contact our Finance Office on 01223 568816 or email

Statement from our caterers, Pabulum:

The Pabulum team are delighted to provide the catering services at St Bede's Inter-church School. 

At Pabulum we are a devoted and dedicated team of food loving professionals with a passion for creating healthy, nutritionally balanced, delicious school meals.

Our vision is to change the established eating order by bringing our passion, incredible ingredients, inspiring chefs, fresh food and smiling faces to hungry stude­nts.

Pabulum’s vision is to be at the forefront of improving the next generation’s health and well-being, by shaping the food culture in education that inspires a passion and love of fresh food. We value healthy, nutritious food provided by ethical suppliers, and we use 75% of British and seasonal produce in our menus. All of our meat and dairy produce is Red Tractor Assured. 

We choose our supply partners based on their commitment to sustainability, and have removed 70% virgin plastics from our range of disposables.

The fantastic industry leading Enjoy lunchtime offer features inspired destination dishes from around the globe, and will naturally include delicious vegetarian and vegan choices. All Pabulum dishes are made fresh every day using seasonal, high quality ingredients.  

Our Enjoy hot main meal offer features 2 of our 6 destinations everyday. You choose meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan, plus two side dishes and vegetables - all this comes with complimentary fruit, at a cost of just £2.50.

As well as the Enjoy destination dishes, students can choose from a range of hot and cold Grab ‘n’ Go items from the Enjoy Deli. Deli items include colourful salads and pasta pots, a wide range of wraps, filled baguettes and bloomer bread sandwiches accompanied by fresh fruit, dessert pots and fresh homemade bakes.

Important note - nuts

All food either made or sold by our catering team Pabulum within school, is free of nuts.