Clubs & Activities

Participation in clubs and activities organised by school outside of lesson times can provide students with an opportunity to participate in activities they may not otherwise have access to. 
Involvement can help students to develop additional transferable skills such as problem solving or team work and may also support students in developing their emotional and/or physical health. 

Our clubs and activities are free and the majority are open to all students. Some take place during form time in the morning, some at lunchtime and some after school. 

During morning form time, students can check what is on that day and week by viewing the weekly bulletin.  The bulletin also tells students a bit about what to expect if they sign up and attend a particular club and activity, some reasons for giving it a go and which member of staff to ask to find out more. 

Students need to sign up to participate via epraise, where parents and carers can also view the opportunities currently available to their child. 

There is a wide range, covering the arts, sports, languages and much more.  Some clubs and activities are seasonal while others are available all year round.  They can also vary year to year.  Between summer and autumn 2023 we have run the following: 

Music clubs 
  • Pop choir for all years (including musicals, popular songs and Jazz) 
  • Small instrumental ensembles (developing more advanced ensemble skills)  
  • Band club (jazz, pop and rock) for ukuleles, guitars and drummers 
  • GCSE composition clubs 
  • Chamber choir (developing more advanced vocal ensemble skills),  
  • Fusion orchestra (combining rock and classical orchestral instrumentalists, whilst encouraging piano students to take part in tuned percussion and synth/keyboard) 
  • String ensemble 
  • Theory club for Rockschool popular music theory and ABRSM theory courses and exams.  
Sports clubs 
  • Rugby club 
  • Hockey club 
  • Badminton club 
  • Athletics club 
  • Girls’ football club 
  • Boys’ football club 
  • Girls' basketball club 
  • Boys Basketball club 
  • Tennis club 
  • Girls’ cricket club 
Chaplaincy clubs 
  • Roots 
  • Wellsprings 
Games clubs 
  • Chess club 
  • Lego club 
  • Warhammer club 
  • Jigsaw club 
  • Dungeons & Dragons club 
Other clubs 
  • Code club  
  • Homework club 
  • Green side up gardening club 
  • STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) club 
  • Sexuality and Gender Acceptance group 
  • Cooking club 
  • Magic tricks club 
  • Philosophy and theology debating club 
  • Art and textiles 
  • Design and technology 
  • Design and technology enterprise club 
  • Enterprise Challenge for Y9 
  • Charities group 
  • Carnegie reading group 
  • Young RE Ambassadors 
  • Further maths club 
  • Duke of Edinburgh scheme (DofE) 


Please contact the office if you have any queries.