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Exam Results

 GCSE Results 2020 

2019 2020*
1) Progress 8 +0.81 _____________
Attainment 8 6.06 6.12
% E & M A*-C / 4 + 83 87
% E & M 5 + 70 72
% Ebacc Entered 62 66
% Ebacc Achieved 43 47
% 5+ A* - C (E & M) 80 86


1) PROGRESS 8: This is the new headline measure for schools and represents the average progress students have made in relation to national expectations (+1.0 represents an average of 1 grade per subject higher than national expectations for similar students). Please note that the 2019 figure is a current estimate and we will not know the official progress 8 score until later in the Autumn term.

2) ATTAINMENT 8: This is the average attainment per grade.

3) % E&M A*-C / 4+: This is the % of students across the whole cohort who achieved a grade 4 or better in Maths and an English subject. This is equivalent to the old grade C, or better.

4) % E&M 5+: This is the % of students across the whole cohort who achieved a grade 5 or better in Maths and an English subject (i.e. strong pass).

5) % Ebacc Entered: This represents the total % of students across the whole cohort who were entered in to all of the following: English, Maths, Science, Geography or History, French or German.

6) % Ebacc Achieved: This is the % of students across the whole cohort who were eligible for Ebacc and who achieved a grade 5 or above in all subjects.

6) % 5+ A*-C (E&M): This is the total % of students who achieved a grade C or higher in 5 or more subjects including English and Maths at grade 4 or better This was the previous headline measure.

Overall Assessment of Performance:

GCSE results for 2020 were Centre Assessed Grades based upon moderated evidence of students’ current performance, standardised against the school’s GCSE results for each subject over the previous three years.

Following a carefully considered and robust process to determine the Centre Assessed Grades, St Bede’s overall results were in line with previous expectations for this cohort of students.

The 2020 results followed a long-standing trend of improved attainment and progress, especially amongst students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The government has announced that national and regional league tables will not be published this year.

However, to view our most recent key data please visit the Government's school performance website:

1) Secondary data:'s-inter-church-school/secondary

2) Destination data: https:/'s-inter-church-school/secondary/pupil-destination/'s-inter-church-school/secondary/pupil-destination

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