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Transport and Payment Information

Please use the following link to see our: Bus Stops 2019-2020

Please select and complete transport application

School Transport Charge

The cost of operating the transport system is covered by parent/carer payments. 

The transport charge for 2019/20 is £990.00 per year per student.

This can be paid as follows:

  • £990.00 per annum per student - payment to be made by 05 August 2019

  • £330.00 per term per student - first termly payment to be made by 05 August 2019

  • £110.00 per month per student for 09 months. First payment due on 05 July 2019, followed by 8 monthly payments payable on the 5th of each month until 5th March 2020.

The above costs are per student. Bus passes are issued on a termly basis if sufficient payment has been received. Bus pass checks are made every half term. Students are required to present their bus pass every morning and evening to the bus driver.

Temporary Bus Passes 2019 / 20

Temporary bus passes for alternative routes can be issued subject to availability.  There will be no further cost for students who have paid to use the Transport System. For students who do not use the Transport System, there will be a cost of £5.00 per journey.


Preferred Method of Payment is Wisepay

Monthly / Termly / Annual options are available

If you prefer to pay by Standing Order please contact for school bank details and payment dates. Please note, however, standing orders need to be set up directly between the customer and the bank.

If a student lives between 3 and 15 miles walking distance from St Bede's and the family is in receipt of maximum working families tax credit, it is possible to apply to Cambridgeshire County Council for a bursary. Please click on the link below to be taken to the website for further information and an application form.