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Ever considered becoming a school governor?

The Governing Body is responsible for setting the strategic direction and policies of the school as well as for monitoring how the school performs. Our Governing Body includes 12 foundation governors and 3 parent governors.  All governors offer a range of backgrounds and life experiences to assist the school in its decision making and to monitor the quality of what we do. The Board meets four times each year, with smaller committees meeting termly or half termly being responsible for aspects of the school’s operations.  Being a governor is an interesting way of being involved in helping the school to develop, improve and raise the quality of our students’ education and progress.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, please e-mail 

The Governing Body 

  • Miss C Avery, Anglican Foundation Governor
  • Mrs C Branch, RC Foundation Governor
  • Mrs K Collins, RC Foundation Governor - Safeguarding
  • Revd Dr G Cook, RC Foundation Governor - Chair of Governors
  • Rev A Day, Anglican Foundation Governor
  • Mr A Day, Headteacher
  • Mr J Glazier, Parent Governor - Safeguarding
  • Mrs J Henry, Anglican Foundation Governor
  • Ms H Hilton, Co-opted Governor - Safeguarding
  • Mrs D Houghton, Staff Governor
  • Mrs J Ient - Parent Governor
  • Mr M McGarvey, RC Foundation Governor
  • Mr G Morgan, Parent Governor
  • Mrs M Syposz, Governor
  • Mrs H Turner, Anglican Foundation Governor
  • Mr M Watson, Co-opted Governor
  • Dr J Whitehorn, RC Foundation Governor
  • Mrs P Wolff, Anglican Foundation Governor
  • Mrs L Pollock, Clerk to the Governors

The full Governing Body determines all school policies and meets once per term.

Specific governors' business is dealt with in committees:

Teaching and Learning Committee - meets once per term
Finance Committee - meets once per half term
Health and Safety Committee - meets once per term
Admissions Panel - meets when necessary, but at least once per academic year
Chaplaincy Council - meets once per term

Governing Body 2019-20

Governor Meeting Dates 2019-20

Governor Meeting Attendance 2018-19

Governors can be contacted via the Clerk to the Governors at:

St Bede’s Inter-Church School
Birdwood Road
Tel. 01223 568816

or email:


The purpose of the school is to provide a high quality secondary education inspired by the educational vision of our two foundation churches. The Governors are working to provide the highest standard of education, spiritual growth and Christian and personal formation. The students are:

  • Encouraged to nurture their gifts and talents

  • Offered a programme to develop knowledge, understanding, imagination and practical skills in all areas of the curriculum

  • Encouraged to leave the school with the highest qualifications of which they are capable

  • Encouraged to work with Governors, with staff, with each other and with others in developing their own personalities and in acquiring respect for themselves and for others

  • Encouraged to become independent and to acquire self-discipline, wisdom and a sense of responsibility

  • Encouraged to take care of the world in which they live

  • Able to share with the whole school community a common faith in God revealed in Jesus Christ

  • Enabled to grow in the nurture and faith of their own churches and to participate in discerning partnership and informed dialogue with others

  • Enabled to develop a sense of their personal vocations as Christians

  • Helped to develop a partnership with the local community in meeting local needs, especially through the use of the school premises and facilities

  • Able to share in the partnership which the school promotes with families, the Churches and primary schools

  • Encouraged to understand their relationships to people and their needs worldwide