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St Bede’s Inter-Church School

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Ofsted Outstanding

Special Educational Needs & Disability

Statement of Intent


The vision of the faculty is to: ‘build independence in order to achieve each student’s potential and maximise their strengths, whilst providing support to compensate for their weaknesses'.


We intend to:


· Ensure transition visits both to and from St Bede’s are smooth and the least stressful for our students.


· Create positive working partnerships with students, parents/carers and professionals working with students with SEND.


· Ensure all staff have the knowledge and expertise they need to best support students with SEND, including adaptive teaching in addition to pastoral support.


· Support all EHCP outcomes and personal SEND targets to gain maximum educational progress.


· Gather consistent baseline information for all students upon arrival, to identify and inform need and provision.


· Provide bespoke individualised programmes of support responding to need, aiming to raise academic profile, confidence and self-esteem, wellbeing, social skills and familiarisation with arrangements for formal assessment.


· Review outcomes and progress in line with the Code of Practice to inform ongoing support.


· Ensure equal access and opportunities for extra-curricular events, trips and visits.


· Ensure support, including formal access arrangements, for GCSE studies and exams.

Please see our school policies page for the SEND policy and SEND information report:

For further information, please contact:

Mrs K Williams, Acting SENDCo: