St Bede's Inter-Church School

St Bede’s Inter-Church School

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Ofsted Outstanding

Key Stage 3

Students at St Bede’s follow a two-year programme of study at Key Stage 3 before opting for their GCSEs at the end of Year 8.

Students follow a traditional curriculum in Years 7 and 8: English, Maths, Science, RE, History, Geography, Art, Drama, Music, PE and Technology.

Students are encouraged to become successful learners who enjoy their learning, make progress and achieve their full potential. Student progress is monitored and assessed regularly; parents receive both  a short and a full report in the course of the academic year and meet with teaching staff once a year at consultation evening.

We encourage all students to strive for excellence. We have identified what we believe to be the key requirements for each topic across all subjects and have sub-divided these into thresholds (Outstanding, Good, Secure and Developing). These thresholds correspond to standards expected for GCSE grades 8-9, 6-7, 4-5 and 1-3 respectively. While all students are given a minimum target threshold to aim for, we place no ceiling on their aspirations and provide focused feedback to enable them to make as much progress as they are capable of achieving.

We measure both the progress and attainment of our students. The measured progress for all students at Key Stage 3 is based on the standard of work they can confidently demonstrate (against the threshold criteria) and compared to our aspirational expectations of the student, given what they achieved at the end of Key Stage 2. Expected progress would mean they are on track to achieve the GCSE grade that we at St Bede’s feel they are capable of achieving.

The curriculum is organised on a five-day cycle, with five teaching hours a day together with an assembly or tutor time. Year 7 students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups for most subjects, although there is some setting in Mathematics and English. This gradually changes with increased ability setting in Years 8 and 9.

The school offers many enrichment opportunities at Key Stage 3; these include a variety of day trips and residential visits. In addition, we also provide students with a wide range of extra-curricular activities ranging from sports clubs to music groups and school drama productions.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum aims to encourage confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

For further information, please contact Mrs Pippa Zebitz (Head of Year 7) or Ms Lara Medhurst (Head of Year 8) on 01223 568816