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Science is a National Curriculum core subject and is taken by all students from Years 7 to 11. The aim of Science at St Bede’s is to:

  • encourage students to enjoy and engage with science
  • encourage students to take an interest in the impact science has on their everyday lives
  • promote an understanding of science amongst students to allow them to become scientifically literate. 

Key stage 3 (Year 7 and 8)

At Key Stage 3, we base our teaching around the Exploring Science teaching scheme. The principal focus of science teaching in KS3 is to develop a deeper understanding of a range of scientific ideas in the subject disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Students should begin to see the connections between these subject areas and become aware of some of the big ideas underpinning scientific knowledge and understanding. Classes in Years 7 and 8 have three lessons of science per week. 

Key stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

The Key Stage 4 curriculum is based on the following AQA GCSE courses: Biology 8461, Chemistry 8462, Physics 8463 for Triple Science and Combined Science (Trilogy) 8464.

The most able and motivated students can opt for Triple Science, but need to choose extra science as one of their options at the end of Year 8. In Year 9 they have 6 science lessons per week and in Years 10 and 11 they have 7 hours per week. Students enter the higher tier exam.

The remainder of students follow the Combined Science (Trilogy) course and are entered for the higher or foundation tier, depending on ability. In Year 9 our Combined Science students have 4 science lessons per week, moving to 5 lessons per week in Years 10 and 11. 

Names and contact details of staff:

Dr S Thaw, Head of Science Faculty

Mrs E Allen, Teacher of Science

Mrs R Boparai, Teacher of Physics and Head of Computer Science

Miss J Bradley, Teacher of Science and Head of Year 11

Dr V Curwen, Teacher of Science

Miss A Hooper, Teacher of Science

Mr O Lambert, Teacher of Science; Assistant Headteacher

Dr K F Leung, Teacher of Science

Ms L Medhurst, Teacher of Science and Head of Year 7

Mrs S Sheerman, Teacher of Science

Equipment required

All students are expected to bring a pen, pencil, ruler and calculator to every lesson. 

Useful links

@StBedesScience – The Twitter account for the Science department A link to the vocabulary sets on Quizlet for KS3 and KS4 science. A free revision platform, specifically linked to the courses we study. all students at KS4 have online access to the text books that we use in class. Primrose Kitten YouTube channel – a useful resourced for Science revision. Specification for Triple Biology Specification for Triple Chemistry Specification for Triple Physics Specification for Combined Science (Trilogy) 

Recent enrichment activities and visits

Y7 STEM club

CREST awards

Physics at work

Inter-Schools Physics competition

The Big Bang - UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair - Y8 Trip

Medical Mavericks – Careers in Health Workshop (Y9)

Royal Society Biology Challenge (Y7-10)