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Every student in Year 7 and 8 receives one hour of Music a week with the option in Year 9 to continue for two hours a week. The topics studied throughout the course are mainly learnt through practical activities and the students have the opportunity to develop their performing, composing and listening skills at the same time as learning about particular styles of music and the context in which they are found. Students have the option of studying Music for GCSE and the exam board that is currently used is Edexcel. Students study 8 set works as examples of a certain style, as well as general music. They also create a portfolio of two compositions and two performances: one solo and one in a group.

As well as classroom lessons, there is a thriving extra-curricular programme on offer. The department strives to offer a group for everyone who would like to get involved, no matter how much previous experience students have had. Examples of extra-curricular groups include: ukulele club, youth choir, chamber choir, orchestra, string ensemble, woodwind ensemble, jazz band, praise rocks, guitar club, woodwind and brass trios and quartets, and ABRSM theory club. The many performance and workshop opportunities available to the students enhance their experience of Music at St Bede’s and make it the vibrant department that it is.

Year 7 Topics

  • Elements of Music including Theory and Notation
  • African Drumming
  • Instruments of the Orchestra
  • Medieval Music
  • Pentatonic Music from Around the World
  • MuseScore Technology Composition
  • Folk Music
  • Reggae

Year 8 Topics

  • Variations and Theme
  • Theory and Notation
  • Blues and Jazz
  • Rock n Roll Guitars
  • Club Dance and Rap Music
  • Soundation Music Technology
  • Songwriting
  • Samba Music

 Year 9 Topics

  • History of Pop Music (Set Work: Killer Queen)
  • Brief History of Classical Music (Set Work: Music for A While)
  • Gamelan Music
  • Minimalism
  • Music for the Stage and Screen (Set Work: Star Wars)

 Year 10 Topics

Instrumental music 1700-1820

  • Baroque and Classical Chamber Music
  • Keyboard Music Through the Ages (Set work: Piano Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Pathétique, 1st Movement)
  • Concertos (Set Work: Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D major, 3rd movement)
  • Development of the Symphony
  • Set Work: Brandenburg Concerto

Vocal Music

  • Word Setting and Vocal Techniques
  • Operas and Oratorios
  • Vocal Music Through the Ages
  • Musical Theatre (Set Work: Defying Gravity)

Composing and Performing

  • Understanding a brief and structure
  • Composing techniques
  • Solo and Group Performing Practice

Year 11 Topics


  • World Music (Set Work: Samba Em Prelúdio)
  • Music Fusion (Set work: Release)
  • Electronic Effects

Controlled Assessment and Exam Preparation

  • Composing Techniques and Controlled Assessment
  • Performing Techniques and Controlled Assessment
  • Mock Exams and Revision of GCSE topics

 Examples of recent trips, performances and workshops:

  • Choral Scholar Experience at St John’s College
  • King’s College Carol Service
  • Big Sing
  • Jazz Workshops
  • Steel Pan Workshops
  • Christmas Concert
  • Expressive Arts Showcase
  • Termly Recitals
  • Whole School Musical
  • Carol Services
  • Liturgies

 Names and Contact Details of Staff:

Mrs J Emmans (Head of Expressive Arts)

Ms H Brown (Head of Music) - currently on maternity leave

Mrs P Zebitz (Head of Extra-Curricular Music & Head of Year 10)