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Statement of Intent


Music is an integral part of society and culture. It is our aim at St Bede’s to nurture respect, creativity and confidence through Music. We aim to create successful learners who enjoy learning and who will become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society, as well as encouraging their spiritual development.


‘Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. A high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians, and so increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. As pupils progress, they should develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to the best in the musical canon.’ (National Curriculum in English, Music Programmes of Study)


The study of music provides for the progressive development of:


· skills in movement, voice and aural imagery, acquired through exploring and organising sounds


· awareness and appreciation of organised sound patterns


· sensitive, analytical and critical responses to music


· the capacity to express ideas, thoughts and feelings through music


· awareness and understanding of traditions, idioms and musical styles from a variety of different cultures, times and places


· the experience of fulfilment which derives from striving for the highest possible artistic and technical standards.


The aim of the Music Department is to make music:


  • Enjoyable

To develop a sensitive response to sound in general and a life-long enjoyment of music of all kinds, both as a listener and a participant.

To think about musical ideas.

To use music as a creative stimulus.


  • Creative

To develop students’ self-expression.

To develop the capacity to understand and express ideas and feelings through the medium of sound.


  • Social/Moral

Because singing together creates bonds.

To develop the ability to work constructively as a member of a group using skills of leadership, discussion, negotiation and the blending of different peoples’ ideas.

To ensure students are treated with respect and are encouraged to respect others.

To ensure students can develop socially and emotionally within a secure environment.


  • Spiritual

Because music contributes to acts of worship.

To appreciate the way that a person’s spirit can be expressed in writing and performing music.

Because music helps students to understand the way their feelings work and to develop an insight into areas of experience, some of which cannot be verbalised easily.


  • Cultural

To develop an awareness of musical heritage, traditions and developments in a variety of cultures and societies.


  • Cross-Curricular

To help language development and literacy.

To develop a feel for patterns and numeracy.

To provide a vehicle for learning certain subjects or to enhance other subjects e.g. language, history, art, drama etc




We aim to:

· Develop an understanding and enjoyment of music

· Provide opportunities for singing, performing, composing and listening

· Offer a variety of musical experiences reflecting different times, places and cultures

· Explore music through cross-curricular themes

· Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum



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