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Media Studies

Statement of Intent


Media Studies is an incredibly important subject for young people today. In 2020 we live in a media saturated society and the media industry is the fastest growing employment industry in the world. Students who take Media Studies will be taught how to look analytically and critically at the world around them, rather than be passive consumers of what they see, read and play.


Media Studies covers a range of content across all 3 media platforms:

· Print: magazines, newspapers and advertisements.

· Moving Image: film, TV and video games.

· Online: blogs, online articles and websites.


Students will analyse elements of media language such as: camera angles, genre conventions, colours, fonts, images, website features, design choices and word choices. Through this, they can understand how audiences are targeted, how media industries work and how topics and people are represented. Students will learn how to apply relevant media theories and a range of specialist terminology.


Students will also be able to create their own media products, such as: TV adverts, film marketing and magazine content. All students will be taught how to use the Adobe Creative Suite, widely used in professional industries.


Media Studies will offer a range of learning experiences through discussions, debates, research, group and paired work, individual focus, written assessments and assessment of creative projects.


Media Studies thoroughly prepares students for further education in Media Studies and Film Studies. As well as this, it may encourage them to pursue a career in design, writing, editing, journalism, photography, graphics, politics, social media, film, fashion, marketing, publishing, education or any other field that requires the skills they’ve developed on this course.



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