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Foreign Languages 

Statement of Intent


The aims and objectives of the Foreign Languages department at St Bede’s are to enable our students to:


  • develop their ability to communicate confidently and coherently with native speakers in speech and writing, conveying what they want to say with increasing accuracy.


  • express and develop thoughts and ideas spontaneously and fluently.


  • listen to and understand clearly articulated, standard speech at near normal speed.


  • deepen their knowledge about how language works and enrich their vocabulary in order to increase their independent use and understanding of extended language in a wide range of contexts.


  • acquire new knowledge, skills and ways of thinking through the ability to understand and respond to a rich range of authentic spoken and written material, including literary texts.


  • develop awareness and understanding of the culture and identity of the countries and communities where the language is spoken.


  • be encouraged to make appropriate links to other areas of the curriculum to enable bilingual and deeper learning, where the language may become a medium for constructing and applying knowledge.


  • develop language-learning skills both for immediate use and to prepare them for further language study and use in school, higher education or employment.



Please click here to view the Curriculum Map for French

Please click here to view the Curriculum Map for German

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For more details please contact:

Mr S Westgate, Head of Faculty of Foreign Languages: