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History is a fascinating subject in which our students develop a curiosity and knowledge about wars between nations, great scientific discoveries, politics, and the wonders of art, magnificent buildings and peoples’ daily lives. It gives students an unparalleled insight into how humans lived. History helps students to understand themselves, understand what has happened in the past and therefore informs them about the decisions we can make in the future.


· We aim to develop students’ curiosity to make connections by reflecting on the past and learning from current affairs


· Through enquiry-based history we aim for students to develop resilience, self-regulation and develop an understanding of different aspects of historical skills. We aim to provide students with time to reflect on the development of historical skills at each Key Stage so that they can progress in their learning.


· We aim for students to gain a broad chronological understanding from the Anglo-Saxon period to the present day. We also encourage students to make links to prior learning at primary school and across the Key Stages.


· We aim for students to learn about the significance of our country’s history and to situate this knowledge in a wider European and global context, examining world history at all Key Stages.


· We aim for students to learn about diversity in history and understand their role as a citizen in their community, as well as considering what they can learn from, and contribute to, society.


· We aim for all students to learn history; knowledge of the past is an entitlement for all students of all academic abilities. We foster students’ social and emotional skills providing opportunities for debate, to discuss interpretations of history, and create a safe environment to discuss challenging topics.


· We aim to develop cross-curricular skills such as literacy, numerical and ICT skills. We also offer students a range of history trips to broaden and deepen their knowledge of history on a local, national and international level.


You can find out more about History and why it is such a valuable subject on the Historical Association website:



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