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Statement of intent


English is vital for communicating with other people, in school and in the wider world, and is fundamental to learning. Whilst studying English, the students will develop skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing that will enable them to participate in society and employment. The students will learn to express themselves creatively and imaginatively, and to communicate with others confidently and effectively. They will be encouraged to read an extensive range of literary texts challenging themselves with the those that they choose. The students will also be encouraged to read a range of non-fiction texts that help develop their views on a range of topics. There are frequent opportunities for students to demonstrate their creative and imaginative abilities and share their own writing. These opportunities often take the form of competitions.


The study of English lends itself to the exploration of moral, ethical and cultural values and the students are expected to consider issues sensitively and thoughtfully.


The curriculum is designed to enable students and provide progression from Key Stage 2 through to the end of Key Stage 4.


The Key Stage 4 Curriculum is based on the AQA GCSE English Language 8700 Specification and the AQA GCSE English Literature 8702 Specification.


The English Faculty encourages student participation in a range of extra-curricular activities. Students shadow the Carnegie Medal and have performed commendably in the English Speaking Union. When appropriate, theatre trips are arranged.



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