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St Bede’s Inter-Church School

“Cum Deo - With God”  •  Cambridge
Ofsted Outstanding


Statement of Intent


Drama students at St Bede’s will explore their creativity through a variety of styles, themes and topics. Students will become confident and independent thinkers who are able to critically analyse the roles within theatre and live productions. Students will have an appreciation of their own work and that of others, always demonstrating respect and empathy. They will participate in an engaging, practical curriculum that supports the development of new acting skills, as well nurturing existing talent.


We aim to develop programmes of study where the students will:


· Study a range of practitioners, plays and styles of theatre, in order to develop their practical and theoretical understanding of Drama.


· Through verbal and written evaluations, confidently articulate and analyse live productions and their own performances. Within this, they will identify drama techniques and skills and form a critical opinion.


· Regularly make, perform and respond to Drama, in order to develop their own practice, through the delivery of a broad and exciting curriculum.


· Develop core transferable skills, such as communication, co-operation and confidence that will assist them in any chosen career path.


· Be encouraged to be self-motivated, responsive, committed and self-confident through direct practical involvement.


· Be encouraged to participate in their own learning and increasingly develop independent study.


· Be encouraged to achieve through motivation, commitment, self-confidence, responsibility, self-control and consideration for, and co-operation with, others.



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