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Key Stage 3 Design Technology

The department offers students the opportunity to discover the pleasure and importance of designing and making, using a wide variety of resources and materials. We hope that learning will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Some tasks will be challenging and stimulating and we aim to establish a culture of success where every student is valued for their contribution.

To enable the curriculum area to achieve its aims, it is organised into three main areas: Food and Nutrition, Textiles, and Product Design.

Organisation of the Curriculum at Key Stage 3


Year 7

Students spend one hour a week for one and a half terms (about 20 weeks) in each of the three areas mentioned above.

Year 8

Students spend one hour a week for one and a half terms (about 20 weeks) doing either Product Design or Food and Nutrition.

Year 9

Students can opt to continue with their studies of Food and Nutrition, Textiles or Product Design by following a GCSE course in that subject. Students normally need to have studied the subject in Year 9 if they are to complete the GCSE successfully.

For further information, please contact:

Mrs C Williams, Head of Vocational Education