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Attendance, Absence & Lateness

Covid-19 related absence from school

Please click on the following link if you are unsure whether to send your child to school or not: Is it safe to send my child to school?

Attendance Contact 

Mrs Penny on 01223 568816 (option 1) or email: 

Attendance Information for Parents and Carers 

Please click here for further school attendance information for parents and carers. 


Students should be on site by 8.55am and in their form room for registration by 9.00am. Students who arrive at school late must sign in. If it is a known lateness, e.g. for a medical or dental appointment, parents/carers should email or phone our absence line as above. If leaving a message, please include the student’s name, form and reason for lateness. 

Absence Due to Illness 

When a student has an illness, parents/carers are asked to notify the school office as soon as possible on the first day their child is unable to attend and then every subsequent day their child will be absent. Parents/carers can email or leave a message on the absence line above. Messages should include the student’s name, form and reason for absence. The school will authorise this absence unless there is a cause for concern about the veracity of the illness or if the student’s attendance has fallen below a certain threshold. In such cases the school will request that parents/carers provide medical evidence to support the reason for absence; this can be in the form of a prescription or appointment card. 

Absence Due to Exceptional Circumstances and Term Time Holidays 

Schools may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are very exceptional circumstances, and even under these circumstances schools are advised not to authorise any absence of 3 days or more in duration. The school upholds these regulations. To avoid difficulty or disappointment, parents/carers are asked to refrain from making such requests. We strongly discourage holidays being taken during term time as learning is disrupted and the lost time is detrimental to the educational progress of the child. Penalty notices may be issued for any unauthorised term time holidays taken. 

Application for term time leave of absence due to exceptional circumstances.