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Our half termly newsletters are a great way of sharing the successes and achievements of our students and the whole school community.

Newsletters for 2015 - 2016:

StBede's Newsletter December 2015

StBede's Newsletter October 2015

Newsletters for 2014 - 2015:


StBede's Newsletter July 2015
St Bede's Newsletter May 2015
St Bede's Newsletter March 2015
St Bede's Newsletter February 2015
St Bede's Newsletter December 2014
St Bede's Newsletter October 2014

Newsletters for 2013 - 2014: 
St Bede's Newsletter July 2014
St Bede's Newsletter May 2014
St Bede's Newsletter. April 2014
St Bede's Newsletter. February 2014
St Bede's Newsletter, December 2013
St Bede's Newsletter, October 2013

We are always after articles for our newsletter.  If your child has taken part in competitions or activities outside of school and you would like to share them with us, please email Kay Tipper, on