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Educational Aims

To endeavour to create and sustain with God’s help an environment where:

  • Pupils are free to enjoy the subject

  • Pupils have the freedom of expression to be creative

  • Pupils have the freedom to reach their potential

  • Pupils have the freedom to fail without retort

  • Pupils have the freedom to develop an inquiring mind to make sense of the world

  • Pupils have the freedom to develop spiritual values contributing to the experience of life helping to build a balanced personality

  • Pupils can develop their creativity and imagination through visual, tactile and sensory experiences

  • Pupils can explore ideas and meaning in the work of artists, craftspeople and designers and learn about the diverse roles and functions of art, craft and design in the contemporary world and in different times and cultures.

  • Pupils learn to make value judgements and aesthetic and practical decisions, becoming actively involved in shaping environments