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Science is a National Curriculum Core Subject and is taken by all students from Years 7 to 11.

At Key Stage 3, we base our teaching around the Exploring Science teaching scheme. Classes in Years 7 to 9 have three lessons of science per week.

In September 2016 the National Curriculum for Key Stage 4 Science changed considerably and we now follow the AQA syllabuses.

The most able and motivated students can opt for Triple Science, but need to choose extra science as one of their options at the end of Year 9. They have 7 science lessons per week, as opposed to the normal 5. Students enter the higher tier exam.

The remainder of students follow the Combined Science (Trilogy) course and are entered for the higher or foundation tier, depending on ability.

Names of staff including Head of Department and contact emails:

Dr S Thaw, Head of Science,

Miss R Siddall, Second in Science,

Mr P Matthews, Teacher of Science,

Miss J Bradley, Teacher of Science,

Mrs S Sheerman, Teacher of Science,

Ms L Medhurst, Teacher of Science,

Mr O Lambert, Teacher of Science,

Mr D Griggs, Teacher of Science,

Mrs E Allen, Teacher of Science,

Specialised Student Equipment Required:

All students should bring the normal everyday equipment. At GCSE level, students need to buy a Revision Guide to help with their studies. These are sold, at a discount, through the school. A typical revision guide costs £6 for the two year course.

Course descriptors for Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4

Key Stage 3 Science:

In Years 7, 8 and 9 the curriculum is covered in twelve topics each year. There are four topics for each of the sciences. After three topics, students are tested. The results of these tests form a major part of the assessment for setting the following year.

Key Stage 4 Science:

At GCSE, students follow the AQA exam board specifications; Biology 8461, Chemistry 8462, Physics 8463 for Triple Science students and Combined Science (Trilogy) 8465 for everyone else.

Both courses are academic and demanding. The Triple Science syllabus covers all the work of the Combined Science course, plus more demanding work, to give 3 separate GCSEs in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Both courses can lead to A level sciences at sixth form colleges, providing the higher tier exams are sat. There is no formally assessed coursework in the new GCSE syllabuses.

Recent Enrichment Activities and Visits:

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