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Product Design

Design Technology Curriculum Overview

All projects include:

  • Research and analysis
  • Specification
  • Planning
  • Designing and developing
  • Making
  • Evaluating

Year 7 - Promotional Products

Mini project – Graphical rendering, modelling and creating. This project covers the basics of designing and different techniques to enable quality design work in Design Technology. Mini project -  Key light.  This project introduces the students to Computer Aided Design and Manufacture using Techsoft 2D Design and the laser cutter. They work with acrylics and electronics to design and manufacture a promotional key light for a tourist attraction. Mini project- Computer aided design.  In this mini project the students are introduced to Adobe Photoshop as a graphic design tool and the art of green screen to produce a range of promotional items for a chosen tourist attraction.


Year 8 - 80s Retro Products and Packaging

The 1980s were a defining era for design and technology. During this project students discover the styles of the decade, developing products and packaging towards a theme of their choice.

  • Project 1- Vectorised T-shirt design
  • Project 2- Mirror project 

Year 9 - Material World

Project 1: Studying and experimenting with a range of different materials, students undertake a design challenge to create a scale model of an innovative new product that they have designed to improve their experience of the school environment. We focus on the design cycle, analysing the work of notable designers such as Allessi, the Memphis movement, Kartell and various other design movements along the way. The emphasis is on experimental modelling and skills, building with both compliant and hard materials

.Project 2:  Pop-up project. Studying a range of graphic techniques, students design and make a pop-up charity collection box for a charity of their choice.

Year 10 AQA Design and Technology GRAPHIC PRODUCTS

Students are introduced to Graphic Techniques and CAD through practical projects, mastering technical drawing skills and Photoshop.  Students explore pop-ups and create a pop-up book. We then explore modelling techniques, focusing on scale model architectural modelling, promotional key fobs and t-shirts and associated products .We study the work of key designers through homework tasks, and theory is taught in and around the practical projects. In the summer term, students start to research their Controlled Assessment Assignment.


  • Controlled assessment 60%
  • Written paper 40%

Controlled assessment

  • Design Task 3 - A mail order company wishes to offer a range of products based upon 20th century design movements. You are required to choose one such movement and to design and make a product or range of products which reflects the essential features of the movement. You will need to investigate a specific target market who may wish to create themed rooms in their homes. Products such as the following might be considered: 
  • Lighting
  • Photo/mirror frames
  • Soft furnishings
  • Music players/radios
  • Tableware
  • Clocks

Staff Contacts:

Mrs C Williams, Head of Vocational Education:

Mrs A Dewar, Teacher of Design Technology: