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Extra-Curricular Activities and School Colours

St Bede’s offers a thriving extra-curricular activities programme which allows students the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Our extra-curricular activities help students to develop personal and social skills, not just with other students but also with adults and professionals in the field; a vital skill in life. Extra-curricular activities may also support students in developing their emotional and physical health. They help to develop a student’s confidence and may even lead to their skills being recognised with a national certificate. Extra-curricular activities also give students the chance to try activities they may not otherwise have access to.

Our extra-curricular activities are free and open to all students. They are available in the morning, lunchtime and after school. Some activities also take place over weekends. There is a wide range, covering the arts, sports, languages and much more. There is also the opportunity to represent the school in teams (please see below).

A list of our extra-curricular activities is published every term, as some are seasonal. For a list of current extra-curricular activities, please click on the following link: /docs/Autumn_2018_Extra-curricular_activities.pdf


School Colours

School colours are awarded for representation at district, county, regional or national level and for outstanding success in specialist sporting and cultural activities where students have shown particular talent. Please contact Miss L Patten at for details.