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Business Studies

Key Stage 3

Year 9

 All students can opt to study Business Studies. The course aims to lay the foundations for those who wish to study the subject at GCSE, but also gives students an insight into the business world. Students follow a varied curriculum that looks at the following subject areas:

  • Business Types
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Students undertake practical tasks as they cover the areas of study including: producing a business plan, making an interactive Customer Service Kiosk and designing a marketing strategy for a product.

Recently, students have had the opportunity to visit successful businesses, such as one of the many Merlin Group theme parks or Cadbury’s.

Students can opt to take GCSE Business Studies at Key Stage 4.

The course consists of three units covered over two school years:

  1. Marketing and Enterprise

Students consider key features of marketing, such as the marketing mix, strategy and research. They also look at how new businesses are started and how they become successful.

  1. Business and People

This unit covers the basic business types and organisation. It also focuses on the biggest resource within a business: the people.

  1. Production, finance and the external business environment

Three key areas of business are covered in this module, with students gaining knowledge of how businesses produce their goods, how they finance their projects and how the rest of the world impacts upon them.

Students complete a controlled coursework assignment within the Marketing and Enterprise unit. There is a choice of 2 scenarios to work on and students are given 10 hours of preparation time and  6 hours to write up the final solution. This coursework assignment is worth 25% of the final GCSE mark.

The other 2 units are examined. Business and People is a 1 hour exam and is worth 25% of the final mark. Production, finance and the external business environment is based on a pre-released case study and is worth 50% of the overall mark. 

We have undertaken a number of different trips in the past to such places as Colchester Zoo, Woburn Safari Park Alton Towers and Disneyland Paris where the students had the opportunity to witness the power of marketing at its very best.

Business understanding is essential to many careers, therefore the course is open to anyone with an interest in it. Many students have gone on to study this subject further at A Level with considerable success.

All students are expected to bring to lessons a minimum of pencil, pen, ruler, calculator and their folder and textbook. A pen drive is also useful as a lot of work is completed on computer.


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